Identifying A Legitimate Home Based Business

In recent times there has been a sudden increase in the number of home-based business opportunities. In fact, nearly 50% of all small business owners work from home. According to a study, the home business industry is expanding and the revenue generated from this industry will increase by 17% yearly through the year 2008. Growth by such leaps and bounds has seen its share of scamsters along the way, claiming lots of unsuspecting victims. They succeed by typically playing on the inexperience and gullibility of wanna-be entrepreneurs, and roping them into participating in dubious ventures. If you’re planning to start one, and have to choose between several proposals, first of all make sure that all the ideas are for a legitimate home based business.

To begin with, you might have trouble looking for the right business option but nevertheless, exercising few precautions can go a long way in making sure you choose the best program. So, how do you find a legitimate home based business in an ocean of fraudulent schemes?

Before you rush into something that might burn your fingers, take time to evaluate the business ideas. Some safety measures are:

Look for established businesses: Look for tried and tested business ideas that have been successful over a period of time. See if there’s a good buzz around the business, or better still, try to talk to others who have a stake in it. If the business has been around for a bit, chances are that it is a genuine opportunity.

Keep a cut-off date for success: Sometimes, a proposal which might seem like a legitimate home based business on the surface may actually be a smokescreen for something more sinister. If you’re already into it, but haven’t seen any returns so far, there’s not much point pouring good money after bad. Most businesses that have a leg to stand on turn in a profit within a couple of years. It’s wise to work to a deadline for success, failing which opt out of the business.

Get real: While consider competing offers, remember that the other parties will glorify their programs, so do remember to discount the hype. For example, a home business that promises you millions of dollars in next to no time is likely to be a “get-rich-quick” chimera. A legitimate home based business proposal will not offer implausible guarantees.

Check for reliability: Check the credibility of the business before you buy-in. Organizations like the Better Business Bureau can help you check a company’s pedigree. Ask whether the business enjoys a good reputation among existing and prior members. Interact with customers or vendors to get some true feedback.

Try it out: A great way to suss out a legitimate home based business is to try out the product or service that is being offered. If the product is delivered as promised, and works satisfactorily, you’re probably onto a good thing. If it’s one of those businesses where you’re asked to send a check of $20 in the mail, and that’s the last you hear of it, thank your lucky stars that you got away easily!

Evaluate payment plans: Before going ahead with the prospective business opportunity, find out how and when you will get paid. A fraudulent scheme will insert onerous terms and conditions in fine print in the business agreement, and you might find that you never get paid. For example if you’re planning to participate in an affiliate program, check out payment policy – Do you get paid for clicks, or purchases? Is there a minimum business that your website must generate before you get paid? Is it a monthly or quarterly payout?

Luckily, plenty of resources are available on the Internet and in local libraries to help you in your decision making. Finally, back your instincts while evaluating an option of what you think is a legitimate home based business opportunity!

Guatemala Pensionado Permanent Residency Program

Introduction – Guatemala is offering a Pensionado program. This is a permanent residency allowing one to live in Guatemala for the rest of their life. The Pensionado receives a Cedulla which is a national identity card that would allow the person to open a bank account in Guatemala without showing the passport from their home country. The Cedulla is a high tech digital ID card. The identity card can reflect a lawful name modification for additional banking privacy. With the Cedulla one can travel without a passport to five other central american countries, off the grid so to speak.

Time Frame – The process takes approximately 2-4 weeks, so three weeks is a fair approximation of the time frame. One does have to be in Guatemala during the process. Five Star hotels run about $100 to $145 a night depending on the season. It is possible to stay in Antigua, Guatemala which is a lovely resort community (google Antigua Guatemala). A large steak dinner in a five star restaurant is about $20. You will find things cheap here.

Fee – The complete fees are $8,000 for one person, $9500 for a couple. Each child is an extra $1000. Children must be under 18 years old. All fees are paid at the start of the application. Fees can be paid by cash or wire transfer. We do not take checks because they take longer to clear (30 days) than the program requires to complete.

Pensionado Economic Requirements – The program is for retired or disabled people. There is no age restriction. One does have to show financial responsibility. An income of $1000 a month is needed. This is $1250 for a married couple. This is so stated in a declaration to the government. The income is proven with bank statements, stock broker statements etc. Income can be private sourced from investments, rental properties etc. It is a good idea to also present gold and platinum Visa cards as additional support for financial independence. You will not have permission to work as an employee for others. You can be self employed in your own business.

Guatemala Taxes – Guatemala does NOT tax offshore derived income. Money coming in from outside of Guatemala is NOT taxed. Your pension, investments etc from outside of Guatemala are not taxed. If you had a shoe store in Guatemala you would pay taxes. There is a VAT of 15% on some goods. A plasma TV costs a few hundred dollars more than in USA. USA cars are about same price without the discounts which are better in USA. European and Asian cars are higher priced. Solid wood furniture is far cheaper than in USA and better quality.

Official Documents Needed – One needs their passport, birth certificate and marriage license if married. If possible marriage license and birth certificate should be the more modern variety with seals etc.

Language Requirement – None. You do not have to speak Spanish. It is a great idea to start taking spanish lessons ASAP when here or before. There are a number of computer programs that are excellent. Rosetta Stone is popular. We do advocate learning the language. Our law firm and staff all speak English well. The better hotels and restaurants will have English speakers. Most of the Doctors speak English. Many establishments do not speak English as well.

Rights in Guatemala – You have the rights of a citizen except you cannot vote and cannot get a passport. As a Pensionado you are not supposed to seek work as an employee for others. This is not the purpose of the program. You can own property, start businesses, own corporations, have bank accounts, get mortgages etc.

Time to Become a Citizen – The normal time is five years. After you are a resident for three years to can apply to have the residency time shortened to three years from the normal five years. Only citizens can have passports, not residents.

Cross Border Travel as a Resident – There is a Free Border Treaty in Central America. With a Guatemala Residency ID card you can travel by land or boat into the following countries without any passport needed: Mexico, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras and Belize. Costa Rica has signed the treaty but is known for not honoring it so don’t count on them. If you go by commercial airline you will need a passport. Your home country will not know where you are since the passport is not being swiped. You will not be able to open bank accounts in the other countries by just showing your national identity card (Cedulla), just Guatemala.

Name Change – What can be done is the maiden name of your mother can be added onto your resident ID (Cedulla) as a third name. If you were Daniel Boone now and your mother maiden name was Smith you could now be Daniel Boone Smith. This is a lawful and customary practice in Latin America but of course optional. Now when you open your bank account in Guatemala it will be in name of Daniel Boone Smith and not reference your home country in the records. No lies and nothing illegal yet this allows you to fall through the cracks.

Guatemala Banking – As a Pensionado resident in Guatemala you can have a bank account in Guatemala without showing a passport or any ID from your home country. NO passport needed. What can be done is the maiden name of your mother can be added onto your resident ID (Cedulla) as a third name. If you were Daniel Boone now and your mother maiden name was Smith you could now be Daniel Boone Smith. This is a lawful and customary practice in Latin America but of course optional.

Now when you open your bank account in Guatemala it will be in name of Daniel Boone Smith and not reference your home country in the records. No lies and nothing illegal yet this allows you to fall through the cracks. Guatemala has NO tax treaties for information sharing with any country. There will be no sharing of any banking information for tax reasons (any sort of tax or tax related case). Guatemala has no Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty (MLAT) with the USA, Canada, UK or EU Countries. This means sharing of information for criminal cases will be difficult.

Other Countries Pensionado Residency Programs – With the Panama Pensionado program there is a zero chance of ever opening a bank account without showing your home country passport. We know people who have tried this with a number of Panama Banks. The Panama banks are not allowed to take the pensionado ID or even a permanent residency ID to open a bank account. The cell phone companies in Panama will not open an account without one showing a home country passport no matter what sort of Panama permanent residency they have. All the panama residency programs, permanent, pensionado or otherwise, are nothing more than long term tourist visa, period. Panama residency ID’s of any sort do not allow for any cross border travel without a passport.There are very few Pensionado programs in the world today. There are residency programs. They usually take about six months to process a residency and one needs to remain in the country during this period of time.

Does One Live Free in Guatemala ? – Oh think of it like the USA in the 1950’s. The police cannot come into your home without a search warrant. None of this “I heard a cry for help” garbage. Warrants from the patrol car radio are not happening. The police will need evidence of a violation of law to get a warrant. We did not say probable cause as in a reasonable person would deduct blah blah blah, that is USA not Guatemala. Not a common thing to see a search warrant issued here. If the police stop your car you can refuse to let them search it. You can also call your lawyer and wait until the lawyer comes and then the search proceeds, your choice. The police will generally be polite and a request to search a car would be like when there is an emergency and a roadblock scenario to catch fleeing felons who were shooting at police or something drastic. Not a common thing.

We have a kind of police called Transito. Traffic cops is what they are. They have no guns. They have cool yellow green uniforms with white helmets like Bermuda Police. They can only do traffic or auto equipment violations. Normally they will have a side of the road setup and look at cars to make sure they have a current sticker. They will check trucks to see if their loads are secure or not. When pulled they ask for driver license to make sure it is current. None of this – “where are you going, can I look in your trunk, do you have any weapons, have anything I should know about”. None of this happens with a traffic stop. If you do get a ticket just send your lawyer down to appear for you and pay fine. No point system. Very rare to ever see radar and never saw laser yet in Guatemala. People don’t even bother with radar detectors. Never saw any speed or red light cameras. They do offer parking tickets for parking violations and they can be generous in this area in some locations. Tickets are cheap, relax. Some towns like Antigua boot cars. Never park illegally in Antigua they love parking enforcement. Antigua has a special tourist police force that are on almost every corner when it is busy. They often speak English and you will find them very polite and eager to help. If you say you want leather belts they will even tell you where such a store that sells that is located.

The regular Guatemala police are called the black police (policia negro) because their cars and uniforms are black. They have guns. They do not work traffic and cannot pull you for traffic reasons. They are crime fighters only. They generally ignore you. The police will probably never show if you call them to come to your house or if they did it would take a lot of time. I never knew anyone to have their house robbed. We live in gated communities with armed guards. We have alarm systems. When the alarm goes off two ex military guys from the alarm company on a motorcycle come with guns. Often in about five minutes. One hides behind cover and the other walks around to see what is up. They have body armor and are serious fellows. So you have the armed guards in the community, some sort of fence, the alarm and now the alarm guards show up. Never knew anyone to have his home robbed.

The lawyers and court system does not work in a harassing way like in USA. This is not a society that likes lawsuits. Lawyers do a lot of contracts, real estate law, family law, criminal law but not a lot of civil litigation. If you go about your business and do not bother other people, no one will be bothering you. People here do not go out and start trouble with their lawyers like up north. People will tend to settle their differences more sanely here than the USA. That being said never ever sign any real estate agreement or any contract without a lawyer to review it. I think this rule applies anywhere. The freedom here is very noticeable.

Firearms – A resident can apply for permission to own and carry concealed firearms. Assault weapons are not allowed to be purchased now which means no centerfire rifles under a current law which is going to expire in a few months and will most likely not be renewed, as a political guess. There are some already registered assault rifles that could transfer but would have to be kept in the home only, no carrying. They will be hard to find and most likely in .223 caliber.

You can have handguns in any common caliber and 12 ga. Shotguns in semi-auto, pump, double barreled etc. Glocks, CZ, Beretta, Sig Sauer, Walther, Jerico, and Bull are the popular quality handgun brands. Mossberg and Remington are popular shotgun brands. Franchi makes a 14″ pump in 12 ga that is sold as a regular shotgun and can be included on a carry permit, legal and nice for the car. One can get plastic shoulder stocks for some glock pistols and Jerico pistols. The stocks are not a restricted or controlled item. This is called a short barreled rifle in some countries. The most popular handgun calibers are 9mm and .40 but there are a lot of 45acp., .380, and .22 pistols available. Anyone who thinks they cannot defend themselves adequately with a Berretta or Glock handgun and a 12 ga pump shotgun in an urban environment does not know what they are talking about, end of story.

A person is only allowed to purchase 700 rounds of ammunition per month for each gun owned, range ammo excluded. Most manage without shedding any tears. Importing guns is a possibility but they are never going to consider more than two guns being imported. A forty two gun collection is either an arsenal or a store to the customs officials, forget it. Same with your 35,000 rounds of ammo. We have quality shotgun ammo and premium Magtech, handgun ammo in the gun stores. The gun and ammo variety in the USA is not here but we have anything you need for functional self-defense. No handloading. That is considered an ammunition manufacturing facility in most Latin America countries.

One can own an unlimited amount of firearms in their home. Each firearm has a title certificate for it similar to a car title. A person can only have 12 weapons included on their carry license. Rotating guns on the license is possible but a big pain in the neck, ill advised. There are at least 18 gun stores in Guatemala City and the suburbs. There are a lot of guns in Guatemala. We have 100,000 security guards most with a Mossberg 12 ga maverick pistol grip or a .38 caliber revolver. We keep our homes, communities, stores, malls, restaurants safe that way. It does not let the criminals take root.

This paragraph is so extensive because a lot of people are escaping police states and gun ownership is a cherished right and we applaud and support this right. On the other hand no law says you have to own a gun and many people do not own guns. Guatemala is a free country and we do not impose our will on people.

Knives and Edged Weapons – Many people carry machetes on their belts, usually in the countryside. Can be startling at first since it looks like a sword. They use them to work on the land. A single edged folding knife with a blade of 3.9″ or less can be carried in a pocket or on the belt in an urban area but is not restricted in the country. There are no size restrictions in the code for non-folding knives. There is a prohibition against automatic knifes, stilettos (not sure of legal definition) and daggers (again not sure of legal definition). If you ask where assisted folders etc stand the answer is we do not know. Could be construed as an automatic or not? Same for flippers. Laws not defined clearly. Generally speaking knives are not considered a prohibited item and enforcement is not tight, but follow the law. This section was included because many of our clients are escaping from oppressive police states and their rights are very important to them and thus to us as well.

Drivers License – Of course you can have a driver license as a resident. It is a bit bureaucratic and some red tape. You can drive on your home country license for some time while you adjust into your new home.

Health Care – You will find the health care better than North America and Europe. The Doctors almost always have English. The staff is three times nicer than what you’d expect. The hospitals are cleaner and far cheaper. A hospital suite is about $165 a day in an expensive neighborhood. Pharmacies generally do not require a prescription and drug prices are about one third of the USA price.

Pharmacies deliver, many round the clock. Doctors make house calls for $25 to $30. Dentists are about 25% of the USA price and are very good. Veterinarians also make house calls for same price and are excellent. If the pet needs to go into for x-rays etc they transport for you. Without the oppressive prescription laws you can treat a lot of pet infections yourself by just buying the drugs or the pet store will help you out. We have a lot of homeopathy practitioners. There are chiropractors and naturopaths. There are some health food stores and organic food is becoming more and more available. Plastic surgery is popular and affordable. In a word health care way more affordable and better.

Real Estate – We live far better than North Americans or Europeans imagine. Most of our single family detached homes are at least 500 sq. meters. A sq. meter is 10.75 sq. feet. Most housing that is top drawer will run $900 to $1100 a sq. meter. In the countryside real estate prices are lower. The more rural the lower it gets. It is common to see homes of 800 to 1000 sq. meters. Hacienda homes will run up to 1800 sq. meters. For a perspective one can get a 3000 sq. foot (not meter) executive townhouse in a gated community with armed guards new for $200,000 with fenced yard, garage etc. Check out a community called Antigua, Guatemala in google. You can get a great townhouse there for $150,000 a beautiful patio home $250,000 to $350,000.

Beaches – We have beaches on the Pacific and Caribbean. Simple but acceptable beach homes can be had for $100,000 to $150,000. The Pacific beaches are about ninety minutes from Guatemala City. Beaches are warm and humid.

Weather – Guatemala is at about 5000 foot altitude. It is 55 to 75 degrees year round. Homes have no air conditioners or heaters. Think of savings on utility bills. We do use fans, usually ceiling fans. It never snows except on the very top of the volcanoes. Warning: Do not bring ice skates, they will rust.

Schools – There are a number of k-12 private schools. They are generally bi-lingual english and Spanish. The schools have campuses with playgrounds etc. They are far nicer than USA schools and the teacher student ratio is much lower. Costs vary from school to school but will be a fraction of USA price.

Domestic Help – A live in maid runs $175 a month plus you feed them and supply uniforms. A gardner handyman can run $400 a month if you need one every day. A driver would run $500 a month live in. A nanny for the kids would run about $225 a month live in. Elderly folks can hire two maids and a driver and avoid going to a rest home. There are always two servants on premises and they can go on car trips, to the doctor, shopping, beauty parlor etc. They do not have to clean, cook or drive. Beats the heck out of the alternative.

Food – The food is close to organic or free range meat. Prices are a fraction of USA prices and quality is wonderful. Numerous fruits priced so low almost for free. All kinds of vegetables, breads, juices etc. The food is Central American style not Mexican so it is not very spicy. We have restaurants offering anything you could want including: French, Greek, Italian, Steaks, Chops and Ribs, Mexican, Chinese, Japanese. Middle Eastern, German and much more.

Internet – We have 1 meg DSL and cable connections available.

Cell Phones – We have great cell phones, 3G etc.

How to start – Call, email or Skype us. We will create an immigration case file for you. We will have you send us scans of the documents required for review by one of our lawyers. If the documents are not in order we will have you correct them before coming since it is much cheaper and easier this way. Next after the documents are in order you will need to schedule a trip to Guatemala. The hotels will send a shuttle bus to pick you up at the airport. We will have one of our English speaking drivers collect you from the hotel and take you to our executive offices to begin. A bi-lingual associate from the law firm will accompany you to all the needed visits to government offices for fingerprinting, signatures, photos etc. You never go to government offices yourself. We do require a $1000 deposit in order to open a file and begin the work. This fee is 100% applied to the Pensionado fee. It is not an additional fee. This is paid by wire transfer.

1. First you fill out an online order form. Click Here
2. Next you send us scan of passports of all parties applying (husband, wife kids, etc). These are sent in an email as a file attachment to
3. Then we will forward wire instructions to you. We do need to have the $1000 fee paid before we can schedule an appointment. You can pay the remaining fee when here in cash or by wire transfer. You could also elect to pay the whole fee before coming as many immigration clients do for convenience.
4. Then you come to Guatemala.When you come for your appointment you remain here and process for the Pensionado. Figure about three weeks. You will not be busy every day so there will be time for sightseeing. We have beaches, Mayan Ruins, Volcanoes to hike up and there is always Antigua. One could always drive over to a nice white sand beach, all inclusive hotel in El Salvador like the Decameron with a three and a half hour drive time. In about four hours you can be in Mexico where there is a lot of cheap shopping. In any event many of our clients just enjoy a nice rest hanging around the swimming pool at one of our many five star resorts. Warning – Our food, beverages and wines are so good here do not even think about dieting.

Developing Social Content – Where Social Media And Content Marketing Merge

Are you trying to successfully incorporate social content into your blog? Even experienced content marketers like 411 Locals face challenges and struggles when creating content that is meant to engage their audiences. The key factors behind successful sharing of social media content are those that make the art of developing social content. But how to create content that is both educational and touching the emotional side of your readers? Here are some innovative ideas about how to expand your content marketing strategy and make it work for your social media goals.

Customer Spotlights Work Better Than Long And Boring Case Studies

A good part of the content marketing gurus love to point out complicated case studies. In fact, this method of being persuasive has been used so often that it became more of a nuisance than an actual attention-grabbing tool. It is kind of hard to get involved when you see a wall of text that explains the step-by-step struggles of someone you’re not familiar with as a reader. So that’s why the customer spotlight can enrich the reader’s experience with the use of feedback and emotion. It is a more direct approach to prospects – to make them see what your happy customers have to say. With customer spotlights, you’re telling success stories coming directly from the source.

Interview Bloggers If You Have The Chance

Some of the most valuable followers are the ones that count as influencers. Their actual worth-base is more than tens of customers, in the long run. Someone who is well-known and respected will earn you more views, likes, comments and long-lasting engagement. The overall impression that your readers will gain is no less than positive. Interviewing a big name in the blogosphere will bring you on a whole new level, where you no longer communicate your thoughts one-sidedly. Approaching influential people takes time and requires skills like being tactful and on the other hand, loudly convincing when necessary.

Build Authority By Sharing Insights

It is a faster if somewhat less direct influcencer outreach. To put it simply, you need to create compilations of thoughts and ideas, already shared by top dogs. Moreover, linking to the source will add more page authority to your blog. You will be more trusted as a source of information – both to your audience and the search engines.

Input New Context To Already Known Information

Having the dogged determination to create new content at all cost can be a major drawback. One of the most important aspects of earning “eyeballs” is your ability to express a genuine point of view. And you don’t have to create new content for that. You only need to comment and analyze well enough to have your audience intrigued. So instead of rewriting well-known pieces of content, you can actually add more to an existing text. Your insights can make a tremendous change of opinion among those who read the original content.

Elegantly Extort Your Audience

Here is a tip that always works – the more engaged you look, the more interested your audience will be. With your timely responses to the appearing comments, you will inspire more comments. The more intensive discussions you get, the better chance you have to extract resources for surveys, topics, and new concepts. This is just one of the techniques used by 411Locals – it makes your audience both satisfied and contributing to the purpose of your blog and/or social media profile.

How to Handle Customer Complaints Properly to Build Business

No business likes to get complaints. However, we have to accept the fact that complaints will happen. Customers may complain about our products, service, or may simply be confused about an issue.

Is the customer always right? No. But the customer is still the customer and deserves our best efforts to make him or her happy. While a few customers may be chronic complainers or trying to take advantage of the system, the vast majority are simply looking for a solution to some problem they have encountered with our business.

Handle Complaints Quickly

How important is it to properly handle complaints quickly? One statistic often quoted is that 70% of customers will return if their complaint is ultimately handled satisfactorily, but 95% will return if the complaint is resolved quickly. While this is, of course, a simplification, it stands to reason that a customer whose complaint we handled quickly should be much more impressed with our business, more likely to believe that we are concerned with customer satisfaction and, thus, more likely to return. And what is that customer worth to us over a period of time? The lifetime value of that customer to our business can be substantial.

Since speed of response is important, we must first empower your employees to handle complaints. If our front-end employees have to call a manager for a complaint to be handled, we have just increased the time cost to the complaining customer. We have also increased the emotional cost to the customer by suggesting that the problem must be handled at a higher level. And we have increased the possibility that the complaint will not be handled on the spot (i.e., the customer may not be willing to wait to talk to the manager). This also puts our employees in a difficult position since they must take the brunt of complaints from customers while being powerless to do anything about these complaints themselves.

Training Is Essential

Thus empowering our employees to handle complaints, following certain guidelines, can greatly improve the situation. However, empowerment is not enough. Employees must first be properly trained. There is a natural human tendency when faced with a complaint to become defensive, to offer explanations rather than solutions and to focus on immediate cost savings rather than the long-term or lifetime value of the customer to the business. Here are a set of steps that your employees can follow when handling complaints to help satisfy and keep your customers:

* Don’t take it personally – the complaining customer is not angry with you.

* Don’t argue with the customer, become defensive or try to explain the situation. Listen to him or her.

* Make sure your first statement in response is something that addresses the problem or shows empathy such as: “I’m sorry that you had this problem.” “I can see why you would be upset.” “Let’s see how we can fix this situation.”

* Don’t admit wrongdoing (unless it is obviously your mistake). This can be particularly important if there are potential legal issues involved, e.g., a slip and fall.

* Get the facts. Understand the issues involved.

* Find out what the customer wants (if it is not obvious).

* Offer a solution. Tell the customer what you will do and when. Place emphasis on what you can do rather than what you can’t do.

* If the complaint does not require immediate action, record the complaint on a slip of paper in the presence of the customer, thank the customer and note that action will be taken.

* Consider giving the customer more than is requested. Remember his/her investment of time and emotion. Consider the lifetime value of the customer to the business.

* Record name, address and phone number of the customer for possible follow up on satisfaction and to identify chronic complainers.

* Record the problem and solution (including time, place, etc.) so others can learn and evaluate.

* Follow up with the customer, as appropriate.

Correct Repetitive Problems

While complaint handling is an opportunity to build the relationship, repeated recovery for the same mistake is not. In such situations, customers will soon come to realize that the error is not random but rather is built into the system, and they won’t come back. Getting feedback from customers can help uncover such systematic problems, and diagramming the service process can help uncover why they happen. The above steps also assume the complaining customer, while possibly upset, remains civil. Abusive customers do not need to be tolerated and should be referred to a manager.

Proper complaint handling is essential. It takes planning, training and trust in our employees, but the rewards are well worth our efforts.

Internet Business Tips – Set Up Your Own Home Business

Proper planning is required before you start an internet business enterprise. There is a lot of competition online and you must manage everything in the right way to succeed.

Firstly you need to make the proper product. You must check that there is adequate requirement for that thing. It must be of a high quality so that you are able to build your reputation and generate even more sales.

Getting traffic is often the most difficult part of any internet business. If your website has no traffic, you can not make any profits. So a lot of time and money is required to build traffic to your web site.

You can outsource some products that take a lot of your time. You can use several software to automate repeated projects. If you outsource some time consuming products like articles, you can commit more time to building traffic.

Do not spend a lot of money on purchasing traffic. If you are new into internet marketing, you may be tempted by several offers for running pay per click adverts or other paid traffic generation ways.

You should not spend a lot of money on buying traffic before actually studying everything in detail. If you do not spend money wisely on pay per click, you may end up losing a good deal of money. Focus on utilizing the free traffic building methods instead.

You need to build joint ventures with various sellers online. A profit sharing platform can also help you get traffic for your product. This can generate even more sales for you. You should offer a good percentage commission in order to draw in more associates for your product.

You have to systemize everything you do. Have notes about a lot of tasks that you need to do. You must always track your visitor origins and analyze the details. Study the traffic origins. Then you can even purchase paid traffic for your product.

Thus you can establish your own online home business. You can make money working from your apartment sitting right in front of your computer.

Various Ways to Make Money Online

Nowadays, people are finding various ways to make money online. Some of which are activities and tasks that involve email responding, freelance work and filling out forms and surveys. There are also activities that involve investing and get rich quick programs. Some of which are deemed profitable by various testimonials and comments by legitimate business people.
If you are looking for ways to make money online, then the first step is to visit the forums and message boards. Here you will find comments, suggestions and insights about the most profitable ways to make money online. You will also get a chance to meet people that experienced firsthand experience on how to earn money online.
Some of the various ways to make money online are the following:
· Join Legit GPT (Get Paid To) programs. These are the programs where you are paid for doing tasks like responding to email, signing-up on trial program and forum posting. The amount of money earned in these programs varies but the risks are all the same. Some sites tend to cheat their clients and run when they are already ahead.

· Signing-up for PTC (Paid to Click) programs. This is a way to make money online by clicking sites and advertisements. If you don’t mind spending hours of clicking hundreds of sites, then you can try these programs. The only problem is that you will have to click millions of times just to earn a decent amount of cash from these programs.

· Paid Blogging. Some advertisers tend to notice blogs that have high page ranks and lots of visitors. If you are creative enough, maybe you can make a blog that can attract advertisers to let you make a review of their products. You can earn a decent stream of passive income. There are advertisers who are willing to pay $10 – $15 per 500-word blog post.

· Accept Freelance work. If you are good with programming, then this is one way to make money online. There are simply lots of people who would love to hire you to make their ideal program. The price ranges for these projects range from a few hundred dollars to thousands, depending on the project that you will undertake.
Something to keep in mind though is that there are lots of ways to make money online, but there are also lots of scams. These involve simple investing activities to complex sales strategies. Some may start out as simple trials while others require you to pay upfront for a service that you don’t really need.
Whatever ways to make money online that you choose, always take it with a grain of salt. Never fully give important information and never pay upfront for something that you so not fully understand. As always, you are in control of what you will believe in.

How To Make Money From Home? Go For The Freelancing Work

Are you one of those who are willing to know how to make money from home? If yes, then it is highly advised for you to opt for various freelancing projects available online.

How to make money from home? Well, this is the question which is posted by millions of people on several blogs and public forums everyday. But, what’s the answer? Well, every person has different views and that’s why answer to this question could be innumerable. But, if you are interested in earning ample of bucks and that too without any sort of prior investment, then it would be prudent to go for freelancing work online. With the advancement in technology, it’s now possible to earn huge money through Internet. Let it be website designing, data entry or manipulating databases, most of the companies prefer to get them done through the freelancers. Now, the question emerges why it is so? Well, there are several reasons behind this statement. First of all, cost quoted by these freelancers is considerably lower than the professional companies. Secondly, the quality of work delivered by them is comparatively better. Therefore, every business enterprise likes to hire these freelancers in order to save the money and time.

Now, what you can get from these deals as being a freelancer? Well the major part of freelancing work is that there is no threshold of working hours. It means you are the one who will decide how long you should work a day. In addition, there is no grouchy boss or supervisor to examine your work. Therefore, only you will be responsible for the quality of work done by you. And remember the fact that the more enhanced the quality of your work, the more are the chances for you to boost up your income. Now, the major issue that strikes in everyone’s mind is what about the work assurance particularly in present economic phase. Well, in this concern, you don’t need to worry at all. It is so because there is no shortage of online jobs for deserving people. If you are good at your end in punctuality and dedication towards the work, no one is going to stop you from achieving the success.

Therefore, it would be beneficial to go for freelancing work rather than asking how to make money from home on various forums.

Work from home, work at home

Many people nowadays “work from home”. To work at home is desirable for numerous reasons. If you have a web site, and want to work from home, please read on…page two of this article will help you build your own web site if you do not have one. This article will teach you how to build a small web site and advertise for Google, thereby earning money while you “work at home”, or “work from home”.

Google’s Adwords Program is a program for businesses selling their products online. This program allows businesses to advertise their products online, and many people work from home doing just this. Many people who work from home start with the Google Adsense Program, and eventually incorporate the Google Adwords Program.

For those of you who want to work from home and make money online, you may have heard of Google’s Adsense Program. Google’s Adsense Program is a program that is available to anyone who has a web site, even if you do not work at home, or sell products online. The program is free, and you are allowed to place Adword ads on your web site, in accordance with but a few rules, and, YOU get paid when someone visits your web site and clicks on one of YOUR Adword ads!

You can make a very good living and work from home advertising for Google. If you want to get started and work from home (i.e., work at home), you can sign up directly at Google for either the Adwords or the Adsense Program, or both! Google Adwords and Adsense Programs belong essentially to the category of advertising, or getting paid to advertise, and people do work from home, and do very well with these opportunities.

There are also many other types of online business opportunities that allow you to work at home; ways to advertise, products to sell, and much, much more! Google’s Adsense Program can essentially “be” your “work from home” business. With Google’s Adsense Program alone, your web site acts as a sort of “backdrop” for your real “work from home” business of advertising!

The purpose of page two of this article is to explain, in simple enough terms, how to work from home, and how to begin thinking about a web site; how to build a web site, and how to get started in the Google Adsense Program. The remainder of this article will outline for you the EXACT steps you need to take, from start to finish, to get up and running with the Google Adsense Program.

Want to work from home? Want to work at home? To design a web site that can even be found in “cyberspace” by Internet surfers, and/or potential customers, requires the understanding of a concept called “keywords”. Whenever someone types a word or phrase in a search engine like Google, or Yahoo, that word or phrase is referred to as a “keyword”. Some keywords are typed a lot on the Internet, by a lot of people, and those are popular keywords.

To build a web site, and work from home, you must build your web site around “effective” keywords. Want work from home successfully? Keywords should be relevant to your web site, and/or to your product. Keywords should be included both within the content of your individual pages, and within the meta tags of your pages. Most work at home masters build their keywords into all of the important meta tags within their pages.

To work at home, and make money online, choose competitive keywords, and build those keywords into your pages correctly. This is part of what is referred to as SEO, or search engine optimization. For example, keywords applicable to this article might be something like “work from home”, or “work at home”. (People might type something like “work from home” or “work at home” in the search field at Google if they are trying to locate information on work at home, or work from home.

To determine the effectiveness of any word, say the phrase “work from home”, or “work at home”, you can use any number of different SEO software packages. In short, and only one of numerous factors, any word found to have a Keyword Effectiveness Index, or KEI, of some number or greater is considered to be an EFFECTIVE keyword.)

Once you have your EFFECTIVE keyword list, it is time to begin designing your web site. You will use your keywords as often and as frequently as you possibly can within the content and “meta tags” and content (including graphical content) of your web pages. You will build and publish your web site around these EFFECTIVE keywords.

(How to go about building a web site is beyond the scope of this article. There are numerous affordable “work from home” type web hosting plans, complete with their own site editing tools. If you plan to work from home, you will want a web site editor, a web hosting plan, and some SEO software, or some collection of SEO tools. Some SEO software will include a web site editor for you to use in building your own “work at home” web site.

You will also need to index your (for example), “work from home” web site with numerous search engines and directories on the Internet. You will want to maintain regular submissions to them as you make edits to your work from home or work at home web site.

You will want to greatly familiarize yourself with concepts such as SEO (search engine optimization). Aside from indexing your “work from home” web site in as many applicable places as possible, you will want to engage in a major link building campaign. You will want numerous inbound links to your web site to increase your site’s popularity. As your site’s popularity increases, so will your daily web traffic.

(Link building is a long and ongoing marketing process; aside from building keywords into your pages carefully, you will want numerous web sites, web sites relevant to your “work from home” or “work at home” content, to establish links to your web site.

Keywords and link building constitute the heart of SEO, or search engine optimization. Once your “work at home” web site is published and submitted around on the Internet, and you are well engaged in your link building campaign, simply sign up for Google’s Adsense Program and go to work selecting your Adwords (Google ads), placing the HTML code on your web site. Keep in mind, Google Adsense code is not allowed to be placed on any pages with adult content!

With your SEO optimized “work from home” web site now published, indexed, and gaining link popularity, your focus is now to continue to attract and/or direct as much Internet traffic as possible to your “work at home” web site. Aside from link building, there are numerous ways to do this, and you should research and make use of all of the methods that you can find. Again, all of this is beyond the scope of this article.

I hope that this article has helped you in making sense of what the “work from home” or “work at home” online world is really all about. There are numerous opportunities you can make for yourself in the world of online advertising, and in the Google Adwords and Adsense Programs.

Make Money Online Doing Free Paid Surveys

You can make a comfortable living online just by spending time filling up paid surveys. What are paid surveys and how exactly do they work? Here is a step by step guide you can refer to if you want to start earning money quickly.

Step 1: Make a list of survey networks.

There are many survey networks on the Internet. Usually, they cater to different countries. Register with all the different networks. They will have different types of paid surveys in their inventories. The more networks you join, the higher your chances of being invited to join a survey. The more surveys you complete, the more money you earn.

Step 2: Filter out the non-active networks.

A number of networks on your list will be inactive. That means you are not getting any invitations from them. Sometimes, there are surveys available, but you do not qualify for some reason. Don’t spend any of your precious time with these networks. Focus on those that pay you well.

Step 3: Respond to invitations.

After you join the network, you will start receiving invitations to fill in surveys. Make sure you respond quickly because most surveys are on a first come first serve basis! Some surveys may have a pre-qualification process. You may be asked to fill up a short form before they invite you to fill up a survey. If you don’t meet their requirements, you will not be invited. Just respond honestly during the pre-qualification stage. If you don’t qualify, there will always be other surveys that come along.

Step 4: Join and complete surveys.

The last step is to accept the invitations and start completing the surveys. Surveys may be time consuming to complete. But always be honest with your responses. Don’t just give false information just because you want to get it over with. A survey can take between 30 mins to 2 hours to complete. You will be notified of the expected time for filling up the survey before you start. It’s then up to you to decide whether it’s going to be worth putting your time into.

Step 5: Stick with the top paying networks.

As you probably realize by now, different networks offer different payouts. This is due to the client base that they serve. Some clients have the resources to pay out more surveys. You can earn as much as $30 or more per survey.

Time is the most important concern here. While you are filling up 1 survey, you can’t possibly be filling up another one at the same time. Maximize your time so that you can maximize earnings.

A quick word of caution here – be sure to read survey reviews to make sure that you join legitimate networks. If you join the wrong network, you may end up not getting paid for your hard work!

Doctomology-The Science Of Making Money Online

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Why Internet Marketing Gurus Are Furious

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Website plug-ins:
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