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Many people nowadays “work from home”. To work at home is desirable for numerous reasons. If you have a web site, and want to work from home, please read on…page two of this article will help you build your own web site if you do not have one. This article will teach you how to build a small web site and advertise for Google, thereby earning money while you “work at home”, or “work from home”.

Google’s Adwords Program is a program for businesses selling their products online. This program allows businesses to advertise their products online, and many people work from home doing just this. Many people who work from home start with the Google Adsense Program, and eventually incorporate the Google Adwords Program.

For those of you who want to work from home and make money online, you may have heard of Google’s Adsense Program. Google’s Adsense Program is a program that is available to anyone who has a web site, even if you do not work at home, or sell products online. The program is free, and you are allowed to place Adword ads on your web site, in accordance with but a few rules, and, YOU get paid when someone visits your web site and clicks on one of YOUR Adword ads!

You can make a very good living and work from home advertising for Google. If you want to get started and work from home (i.e., work at home), you can sign up directly at Google for either the Adwords or the Adsense Program, or both! Google Adwords and Adsense Programs belong essentially to the category of advertising, or getting paid to advertise, and people do work from home, and do very well with these opportunities.

There are also many other types of online business opportunities that allow you to work at home; ways to advertise, products to sell, and much, much more! Google’s Adsense Program can essentially “be” your “work from home” business. With Google’s Adsense Program alone, your web site acts as a sort of “backdrop” for your real “work from home” business of advertising!

The purpose of page two of this article is to explain, in simple enough terms, how to work from home, and how to begin thinking about a web site; how to build a web site, and how to get started in the Google Adsense Program. The remainder of this article will outline for you the EXACT steps you need to take, from start to finish, to get up and running with the Google Adsense Program.

Want to work from home? Want to work at home? To design a web site that can even be found in “cyberspace” by Internet surfers, and/or potential customers, requires the understanding of a concept called “keywords”. Whenever someone types a word or phrase in a search engine like Google, or Yahoo, that word or phrase is referred to as a “keyword”. Some keywords are typed a lot on the Internet, by a lot of people, and those are popular keywords.

To build a web site, and work from home, you must build your web site around “effective” keywords. Want work from home successfully? Keywords should be relevant to your web site, and/or to your product. Keywords should be included both within the content of your individual pages, and within the meta tags of your pages. Most work at home masters build their keywords into all of the important meta tags within their pages.

To work at home, and make money online, choose competitive keywords, and build those keywords into your pages correctly. This is part of what is referred to as SEO, or search engine optimization. For example, keywords applicable to this article might be something like “work from home”, or “work at home”. (People might type something like “work from home” or “work at home” in the search field at Google if they are trying to locate information on work at home, or work from home.

To determine the effectiveness of any word, say the phrase “work from home”, or “work at home”, you can use any number of different SEO software packages. In short, and only one of numerous factors, any word found to have a Keyword Effectiveness Index, or KEI, of some number or greater is considered to be an EFFECTIVE keyword.)

Once you have your EFFECTIVE keyword list, it is time to begin designing your web site. You will use your keywords as often and as frequently as you possibly can within the content and “meta tags” and content (including graphical content) of your web pages. You will build and publish your web site around these EFFECTIVE keywords.

(How to go about building a web site is beyond the scope of this article. There are numerous affordable “work from home” type web hosting plans, complete with their own site editing tools. If you plan to work from home, you will want a web site editor, a web hosting plan, and some SEO software, or some collection of SEO tools. Some SEO software will include a web site editor for you to use in building your own “work at home” web site.

You will also need to index your (for example), “work from home” web site with numerous search engines and directories on the Internet. You will want to maintain regular submissions to them as you make edits to your work from home or work at home web site.

You will want to greatly familiarize yourself with concepts such as SEO (search engine optimization). Aside from indexing your “work from home” web site in as many applicable places as possible, you will want to engage in a major link building campaign. You will want numerous inbound links to your web site to increase your site’s popularity. As your site’s popularity increases, so will your daily web traffic.

(Link building is a long and ongoing marketing process; aside from building keywords into your pages carefully, you will want numerous web sites, web sites relevant to your “work from home” or “work at home” content, to establish links to your web site.

Keywords and link building constitute the heart of SEO, or search engine optimization. Once your “work at home” web site is published and submitted around on the Internet, and you are well engaged in your link building campaign, simply sign up for Google’s Adsense Program and go to work selecting your Adwords (Google ads), placing the HTML code on your web site. Keep in mind, Google Adsense code is not allowed to be placed on any pages with adult content!

With your SEO optimized “work from home” web site now published, indexed, and gaining link popularity, your focus is now to continue to attract and/or direct as much Internet traffic as possible to your “work at home” web site. Aside from link building, there are numerous ways to do this, and you should research and make use of all of the methods that you can find. Again, all of this is beyond the scope of this article.

I hope that this article has helped you in making sense of what the “work from home” or “work at home” online world is really all about. There are numerous opportunities you can make for yourself in the world of online advertising, and in the Google Adwords and Adsense Programs.

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